6 advertising media available in Uganda

6 advertising media available in Uganda

 Advertising mediarefers to the various channels through which advertisements are passed on to the public.

The various advertising media used in Uganda include;

  • Through the press, this mainly involves use of Newspapers and Magazines which are normally published daily, weekly or monthly and are circulated into the market.
  • Through radio, this involves broadcasting advertisements from a radio station which may either be a public or private radio station.
  • Through television, this involves advertisements brought to the attention of the audience on a screen which creates a visual and audio impression to the public.
  • Through window display, this involves an artistic display of products in glass windows or shelves to attract the customers’ attention which may later encourage him to buy.
  • Through trade fairs, this involves various manufacturers gathering in one place and displaying their products to the prospective customers hence attracting them to buy the products. Trade fairs are organized at Lugogo show ground by the Uganda Manufacturers Association.

  • Through direct mail, this involves suppliers sending catalogues to convey the advertising message to the customers which will enable the prospective buyers make a selection from the variety of goods offered by the supplier.
  • Through outdoor advertising medium, this involves conveying the advertising message to the audience using posters, neon lights, bill boards, sign posts and banners. The advertising message is written and displayed in a strategic place where it can be read by the public.


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