Obstacles or barriers to creativity

15 Obstacles or barriers to creativity

  • Negative thinking of an individual, Manifested in individuals not to see anything good in whatever is being done.
  • Limited research on the issues that need possible solution, this creates a situation where an individual may take a wrong solution to a problem.

  • Failure / Fear of an entrepreneur or a person, this leads to such an individual to fail to try out something or a number of solutions in order to get the possible solution.
  • Limited finance for financing creative activities, this limit an individual or an entrepreneur to engage in activities such as conducting market research and providing multiple solutions to a problem.
  • Lack of quality time, this makes it hard for one to develop creative ideas and solutions for business use.
  • Applying to much logic to a problem, this slows down creativity as the minds get fixed to one solution.
  • Making assumptions that hinder creativity, such assumptions include assuming that failure of the business is due to which crafts, inherited bad lack from the parents among others.

  • Extreme delays in decision making; this is manifested in concentrating much on past action to address a problem at hand.
  • Poor working conditions, this limits the freedom of workers to think beyond about the problem and providing possible solution.
  • Being strict to following of rules and regulations, this makes a person not to think beyond the problems at hand.


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