12 Disadvantages of Self-service

12 Disadvantages of Self-service

  • It denies the customers the freedom to practice their bargaining skills.
  • It does not allow physical contact between the sellers and buyers hence the sellers can’t know the consumers opinions.
  • It may force the customers to buy what they might have not budgeted for due to the attractive display of the products.

  • It may attract unfaithful customers who end up pick-pocketing some small items.
  • It reduces the number of customers due to the absence of credit facilities.
  • It is a costly system as it requires much capital to install shelves and stocking a variety of goods.
  • It involves too much time wasted in ques especially at the checking points and at the cashier’s desk.
  • It may encourage the customers to spend too much time in the shop while comparing the various brands.


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