• Trade has been stimulated between West Africa and East Africa. Prior to this trade between East, Central and West Africa was very negligible but it has now tremendously increased goods between Kenya, Uganda and Eastern Zaire including fish, machinery, vehicles, tea, petroleum products, oil palm are now transported.

  • Land locked countries such as Uganda, Chad, Central African Republic now have an easy access to the sea. The high way links Uganda and Eastern Zaire to the Coast at Mombasa.
  • The high way has led to the exploitation of natural resources such as forests and minerals in Zaire and fish in Western Uganda. This has boosted domestic and foreign revenue.
  • The high way has encouraged the growth of trading centres and towns such as Nairobi in Kenya, Kampala in Uganda, Lagos in Nigeria which act as nodal points and it has led to the development of associated infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and railway lines.

  • It has led to the creation of large markets for both agricultural and industrial as well as services. These are easily marketed where the road passes.
  • It has encouraged regional co-operation among states through which the road passes. This has further boosted international trade by widening markets for their products.
  • It has encouraged tourism which has benefited the region as a whole offering alternative sources of foreign exchange. This has been used in the development of other sectors in the economy such as infrastructural development, industries, mining as well as the agricultural sector.

  • The high way has encouraged the spread of new ideas in agriculture, industries and other sectors through the interaction of people.
  • The Trans – African high way has stimulated growth along its length. Other roads connecting to it have developed connecting agriculturally productive areas to it, making marketing of agricultural produce easier.


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