The importance of the Swiss tourist industry

The importance of the Swiss tourist industry

  • It is source of foreign exchange as tourists spend money in extensive hotels, lodges, shopping and the like.

  • The tourist industry has generated employment opportunities to the Swiss people in form of hotel attendants, drivers, guides and the like.
  • Tourism has contributed to the growth of the towns such as Zurich, Lucerne, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Geneva and many others.
  • The tourist industry has led to the development of infrastructure such as hotels, lodges and transport routes e.t.c.
  • Tourism has led to the economic use of regions which would have otherwise been useless e.g. the rugged mountains of Alps.
  • There has been development of well trained labour force in the hotel industry.

  • There has been promotion of good international relations with other countries where tourists come from.
  • Tourism has helped to create areas fro recreation and preservation of nature for future generations.


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