State and explain the evidences for the continental drift theory

State and explain the evidence for the continental drift theory

  • Topographic evidence; for example the Jigsaw of the continents. South Africa fits into Africa so well.
  • Geological evidence; there is a close structural resemblance and many geological similarities especially between the the eastern coast of South America and the western coast of Africa.

  • Tectonic evidence; the distribution of Fold Mountains and volcanic zones which are comparable from one side of the ocean to the other.
  • Climatological evidence; only continental drift can account for the apparent reversals of climate that have glacial
    deposits in the Congo Basin and other parts within the tropics.
  • Biological evidence; this evidence is based on the study of fossils showing the distribution of plants and animals in
    the past compared with the present day distribution of certain plants and animal species whose occurrence seems
    quite inexplicable unless continental drifting is invoked.
  • Palaeo-magnetism evidence; This is the most influential evidence of continental drift. When rocks solidify, they
    are magnetised in the direction of magnetic North at that time. By studying the magnetism of ancient rocks, it is
    possible therefore determine the where on the surface they were originally formed.


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