• Economic benefits: Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of Wyoming, providing jobs and income for many individuals and businesses. The state’s tourism industry generates over $3.6 billion in direct spending, which supports over 30,000 jobs and accounts for nearly 5% of the state’s total employment.

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  • Cultural preservation: Tourism in Wyoming helps preserve the state’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. Visitors can experience the state’s unique Western culture, including its historic landmarks, museums, and cultural events.
  • Environmental protection: Tourism in Wyoming supports conservation efforts and helps protect the state’s natural beauty and wildlife. Many tourism businesses promote sustainable practices, and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping in Wyoming’s national parks and forests.
  • Infrastructure development: Tourism in Wyoming helps fund the development and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, airports, and visitor centers, making it easier for visitors to travel and explore the state.
  • Small business growth: Tourism in Wyoming provides opportunities for small businesses to thrive and grow, including hotels, restaurants, and adventure tour operators. These businesses can benefit from the influx of visitors and can help support the local economy.

  • Rural development: Tourism in Wyoming can help revitalize rural areas and provide economic opportunities in these communities. Many rural areas in the state have natural attractions and cultural heritage sites that can attract visitors and support local businesses.
  • Community pride: Tourism in Wyoming can foster a sense of pride and community among residents, as they showcase the state’s unique culture and attractions to visitors. Many communities in the state have formed tourism boards or organizations to promote their local attractions and events.
  • Educational opportunities: Tourism in Wyoming can provide educational opportunities for both visitors and residents. Visitors can learn about the state’s history and culture, and local residents can learn new skills and gain experience in the tourism industry.
  • International exposure: Tourism in Wyoming can help promote the state to international visitors, showcasing its natural beauty and cultural heritage to a global audience. This can help increase awareness of the state and attract more visitors from around the world.
  • Boost to local economies: Tourism in Wyoming can provide a significant boost to local economies, as visitors spend money on hotels, restaurants, and other services. This can help support local businesses and provide income for residents.

  • Diversification of economy: Tourism in Wyoming can help diversify the state’s economy and provide economic stability. By relying on a variety of industries, including tourism, the state can weather economic downturns and provide opportunities for residents.
  • Quality of life: Tourism in Wyoming can improve the quality of life for residents by providing job opportunities, supporting local businesses, and preserving the state’s natural beauty. This can help create a vibrant and thriving community for residents to enjoy.


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