What Should Church Do To Encourage Church Marriage?

What Should Church Do To Encourage Church Marriage?

The church should encourage the couple to make an affordable function.It should be within the means of the couple.

The church should continuously guide married people to behave well by conducting marriage seminars in order to serve as a good example to the unmarried people.

The church should carry out and support mass weddings. This will enable the poor Christians to many in church e.g. Pastor Robert Kayanja of miracle center cathedral carried out mass wedding of 200 couples on 6th February 2017 where they received Holy Matrimony.

The church should set up projects so as to employ people to raise money to fund the wedding function e.g. Pastor Gary Skinner of Watoto church constructed schools for poor and orphaned children in wakiso district and employs teachers who work in them.

The church should motivate Christians to undertake church marriage b offering sacraments and the church should also assist the couple maternally. The church should appeal to parents to demand for less bride wealth for daughters. This will enable the poor men to marry them instead of fearing to go in for them.

The church should encourage intending couples to carry out enough courtship in order to make the right choices and go in for church marriage. The church should sensitize the Christians about the importance of church marriage such as faithfulness, marriage, respect and blessings from God and parents.

The church should teach Christians to accept the teachings of the church about marriage such as monogamy so that they accept to live with one man and one wife.

The church should preach to Christians that sex outside marriage is a sin and therefore one should get married in order to avoid God’s punishment (1 corinthians 6:18-20).

They should teach Christians that its right to get God’s blessings therefore they should go for church marriage which is blessed by God through reverends and priests.


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