The purpose of marriage

The purpose of marriage

Marriage is purposely for producing children to fulfill God’s commandment i.e be fruitful , multiply and subdue the earth.

Marriage enables parents to properly bring up their children who are displined and God fearing.

Marriage also fulfills God’s plan of bringing man and woman together as at the time of creation, God said it is not good for man to live alone, I will make him a helper.

Marriage is for enjoying sex as a gift given to them by God.

Marriage brings about companionship, support, comfort of a man and a woman let us create man a suitable companion.

Marriage is the only way that two people in question can express love to one another. They express their emotions and feelings

Marriage makes human beings complete ie man leaves his father and mother to join his beloved wife and the two become one.

marriage makes man and his wife independent from their parents making them to live on their own.

marriage is aimed to bringing unity in families and in between the two familiesof the man and woman joined in holy matrimony.

Marriage is a sense of belonging to the partners and their children. This can be evidenced in tittles and after marriage like Mr. and Mrs. Mau

Marriage is a solution against misuse of sex of the unmarried e.g. fornication. One wont yarn for sex if one is married to someone because they always enjoy it.

Marriage is for the purpose of expanding the clan and enriching it through children. Boys are for defence and girls for bride price.


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