Requirements Of a Good Marriage

Requirements Of a Good Marriage

  • A good Marriage should have love and faithfulness between the two people to marry if their marriage is to succeed.

  • Agood marriage must have a sense of responsibility among the. couple that brings about a lot of care hence a stable marriage.
  • A good marriage It is characterized by submissiveness and understanding of both partners and should always remember to pray for their future together so that they are able to settle out of their problems.
  • Agood marriage must be guided by the spirit of God i.e partners must be God fearing and always remember to pray for their future together.
  • Agood Marriage must be monogamous because it has less conflicts.
  • A good marriage must have blessings of parents so as to last longer.
  • A good Marriage must be between people of different sex and clans. God created Adam and eve to eradicate incest.
  • A good Marriage must be forgiveness in a good marriage in order to live in peace with one another
  • A good Marriage must have effective and regular sex play in a good marriage. This helps to avoid sex misuse and satisfy sexual desires.

  • A good. Marriage should be respect for each other in a marriage in order for it to last longer since there is harmony.
  • A good marriage should be of people from a morally upright background. His helps to raise up disciplined children.


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