Conditions Favouring Tourism in Germany

Conditions Favouring Tourism in Germany

  • Presence of variety of tourist attractions e.g. museums, Berlin wall, Vosges Mountains, and historical sites attracting tourists to carry out research, filming, winter and watersports.

  • Well-developed transport network e.g. River Rhine, cable cars, roads, and railways which enables tourists to access tourist attractions.
  • The geographical location in the heart of Europe with abundant potential tourists.
  • Relative political stability for free movement of tourists to different attractions.
  • Well developed accommodation facilities such as chattels, apartments and hotels like Hilton.
  • Presence of highly skilled labour to work as hotel chefs, tour guides, hotel managers making tourists feel at home.
  • Hospitality of Germany people who welcome tourists from different parts of the world.
  • Diversity of languages and culture like French, Germany, Spanish, Italian and Latin enabling tourists to effectively communicate with the local population.

  • Presence of large sums of capital to invest in tourism by building tour resorts, maintenance of historical sites.
  • Warm sunny summers for sunbathing, clear blue skies attracts, winter sports like mountaineering, skating on the snow capped mountains attract tourists.
  • Presence of organized tour and travel agents who offers better tour packages reducing the cost of touring the country.


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