• Employment opportunities have been created in the country.
  • There has been mobilization of labour for projects such as re-afforestation, irrigation, setting and construction of roads.

  • Improvement in the production of both food and cash crops has been realized for example in
    Mwenge village in the Lindi region . crops grown include maize, cassava, soya beans, rice, beans, cotton,
    and tobacco.
  • There has been an increment in the area under cultivation.
  • Labour mobilization has led to the opening up of the areas which would otherwise still be lying idle.
  • There is now self sufficiency in food production in some villages like Mwenge settlement.
  • There was improvement in the standards of living of the people because they earned wages and they were able to purchase social items.
  • Unity was created amongst the people which led to the nationalization as the principle of Ujamaa.
  • It led to the education of most of the people and to date at least 90% of the Tanzanians have gone to school.
  • There was rural development that is, the communities established were with clean piped and safe water, schools, health service as well as transport network.

  • The system has also promoted the growth of towns and industries majorly those producing fertilizers and farm chemicals for spraying.
  • Farmer acquired better techniques of production through the extensive services provided by the government


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