Solutions to Africa’s Transport and Communication problem

5 Solutions to Africa’s Transport and Communication problem

  • Trans-African highways: African countries have proposed to construct highways across the continent. These highways are intended to improve the quality and volume of international road traffic in Africa. The principal axis is supposed to be from Gaborone to Cairo and from Mombasa to Dakar.

  • International Railways: The presence of landlocked countries in Africa has made railway transport an attractive mode for transporting bulky raw materials to coastal seaports.
  • Regional Economic Co-operation: The establishment of regional economic organizations has created conditions favourable to increasing the quality and quantity of transportation between neighbouring states. Regional economic groups in Africa include the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and PTA among others.
  • Establishment of National Airways: Since the attainment of independence, every African country has established her own national carrier airline. Existing airports have been expanded e.g. Dar-es-Salaam, while international new ones have been established e.g. Jomo Kenyatta.

  • Establishment of ground satellite: African countries have been endeavouring to improve on the existing telecommunications. Several ground satellites and radio and television boosters have been established to ease out communication problems.


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