The contribution of FRELIMO in the struggle of Mozambique independence

The contribution of FRELIMO in the struggle of Mozambique independence

FRELIMO was formed by a group of disgruntled intellectuals and politicians in 1962 in Dar-essalaam. It was led by Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane assisted by Simango.

The contribution of FRELIMO in the struggle of Mozambique independenc

The roles of FRELIMO included the following;

  • FRELIMO launched an armed struggle against the Portuguese in 1964 and this
    contributed to eventual independence in 1975.
  • FRELIMO set up external bases in Tanzania at Bagamoyo. The freedom fighters were
    allowed to train hence attacking the Portuguese.
  • FRELIMO recruited freedom fighters massively, and trained them in guerrilla warfare tactics.
  • FRELIMO sensitized and mobilized the nationals who responded by giving full support to the struggle.
  • FRELIMO managed to set up internal liberated zones in Niassa and Ntete. These were
    used to launch attacks on the Portuguese and had reforms established.

  • FRELIMO provided able and charismatic leadership under Mondlane that worked against the Portuguese colonial bondage.
  • FRELIMO won the support of communist countries like China, the Soviet Union etc.
    These gave training, and financial and extended educational scholarships to freedom fighters.
  • FRELIMO weakened ethnicity in Mozambique. It united the tribes of Makua, Nyanja and the famous Makonde leading to success.
  • The party appealed for assistance and recognition from the United Nations (UNO). The UN responded by condemning Portugal and imposing sanctions.
  • FRELIMO sought for support from OAU which used its Liberations Committee to support the freedom fighters.
  • FRELIMO went into the alliance with MPLA and PAIGC to form CONCP.
  • FRELIMO scored military success against the Portuguese. This included the killing of
    Portuguese soldiers and destruction of planes at Mueda leading to success.
  • FRELIMO recruited women in Liberation struggles. These provided espionage and
    served as cooks and nurses.
  • The movement held discussions with the socialist government of Antonio of Portugal, hence securing independence on 25th June 1975.

  • FRELIMO under Samora Machel received the instruments of power from the Portuguese in 1975 and set up a black led government.
  • FRELIMO established a refugee camp across River Ruvuma and this helped to contain the suffering Africans.


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