Prairies wheat farmers’ calendar

Prairies wheat farmers’ calendar

during the spring

  1. March-April: Soil Preparation
    • Farmers begin preparing the soil for planting by tilling the fields to loosen the soil and remove weeds.
    • Fertilizers may be applied to provide essential nutrients for the growing crop.
  2. April-May: Seeding/Planting
    • Once the soil temperature and moisture conditions are suitable, farmers begin seeding or planting the wheat.
    • This involves sowing the seeds either through direct drilling or using specialized seeding equipment.
Prairies wheat farmers' calendar
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during summer

  1. June-July: Crop Growth and Development
    • As the wheat plants grow, farmers closely monitor their progress, looking out for signs of pests, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies.
    • Weed control measures are implemented to prevent competition for resources and optimize wheat growth.
  2. July-August: Reproductive Stage
    • The wheat plants reach their reproductive stage, producing flowers that eventually turn into grain heads.
    • Farmers continue monitoring the crop’s health and making any necessary adjustments, such as irrigation or pest control.

in autumn

  • harvesting of wheat and other crops such as soya beans

in winter

  • holiday
  • planting of winter wheat
  • updating records or book keeping
  • checking and repairing machinery
  • planning next season work
  • prchasing and making orders for input like seeds, herbicides and fertilizers


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