Importance of Forest Products

12 Importance of Forest Products

  • Forests are a source of food e.g. fruits, honey, mushrooms and bamboo tender leaves which are used for vegetables.
  • Forests provide wood used for manufacture of paper, soft boards, ply wood etc.

Importance of Forest Products
  • Animals in forests are hunted for food, skins and horns.
  • Leaves of trees and forest undergrowth are used as livestock fodder.
  • Forests provide wood which is used in cottage industries for making carvings and wooden utensils which are sold locally and exported.
  • Forest flora and fauna are a rich reservoir for research
  • Ecological Services: Forests provide a range of ecological services, including pollination, seed dispersal, soil formation, nutrient cycling, and habitat provision. These services support ecosystem health, biodiversity, and overall ecosystem functioning.

The importance of forest products extends beyond their direct economic value, encompassing ecological, social, cultural, and environmental aspects. Sustainable management and conservation of forests are crucial to ensure their continued benefits for present and future generations.


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