Factors Favouring the Development of Softwood Forests in Kenya

12 Factors Favouring the Development of Softwood Forests in Kenya

  • Cool climate of Kenya highlands which enables coniferous forests to thrive e.g. Mt. Kenya and Aberdares.

Factors Favouring the Development of Softwood Forests in Kenya
  • Heavy rainfall received in Kenya highlands and low evaporation rates which supports forest growth.
  • Ruggedness and steepness of some parts of Kenya highlands making them unsuitable for settlement thereby leaving forests to thrive.
  • High demand for timber and wood products locally and outside the country which encourages tree farming.
  • Forest Management Practices: Kenya has implemented forest management practices aimed at promoting sustainable forestry. These practices include the establishment of forest reserves, reforestation initiatives, and community-based forest management programs. Such measures contribute to the development and conservation of softwood forests.
  • Indigenous Softwood Species: Kenya is home to various indigenous softwood tree species, including cedar, cypress, and pine. These species have adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, making them suitable for cultivation and sustainable harvesting in softwood forests.

  • Government Support: The Kenyan government has shown commitment to the development of the forestry sector, including softwood forests. Policies and regulations are in place to promote sustainable forest management, protect forest reserves, and encourage the establishment of commercial softwood plantations. Government support provides a conducive environment for the development of softwood forests.
  • International Cooperation and Funding: Kenya has received support from international organizations and development partners for the development of its forestry sector. Cooperation and funding initiatives promote sustainable forest management, capacity building, and investment in softwood forestry. Such support enhances the development and growth of softwood forests in Kenya.


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