Challenges faced by the trans-Saharan traders

12 Challenges Faced by the trans-Saharan traders

  • There was Communication barrier due to lack of a common language for transactions. This was a challenge during the pioneer years.
  • Traveling long distances for many months, usually upto three months, across the desert was tedious and stressful.
12 Challenges Faced by the trans-Saharan traders
  • Traveling under extreme weather conditions; too hot during the day and too cold at night.
  • Scarcity of water and food during the journeys. The traders suffered serious sickness due to such extreme weather variations.

  • There were constant Attacks by hostile communities who sometimes robbed them of their merchandize.
  • Traders were sometimes attacked by insects like scorpions and wild animals.
  • The traders sometimes suffered from Loss of direction due to the vastness of the desert.
  • Exposure to frequent sandstorms which killed many traders.
  • Sometimes wars between kingdoms disrupted trade.


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