Why were the Bantustans created?

Why were the Bantustans created?

The Bantustans were African reserves or home lands in South Africa during the time of apartheid.

This was part of the apartheid policy of separate development for Africans.

They were established to separate whites from non-whites and to reserve small parts of South Africa as native areas.

They were Semi-independent political units established for Africans.

They come in existence in 1940s but legalized by the Bantu
Self Government Act of 1959

The Bantustans included Transkei, Ciskei, Kwazulu, Venda, Lebowa, Gazankulu, , Qwagwa- Sotho Baphuta-Tswana

Why were the Bantustans created?

  • Bantu stands were small African territories created by South African government for blacks in South Africa.
  • To prevent the growth of African nationalism by dividing them into small ethnic and linguistic groups. For example Kwazulu for the Zulu and Ciskei and Transkei for the Xhosa.
  • It was intended to cool the international criticism against apartheid .It was to blind fold international community that Africans had been given self independence.
  • They were created to facilitate the grabbing of land from the Africans by the whites. It was to deprive Africans of their better lands.

  • The Bantustans would provide permanent labour supply to whites. For example Umalazi in Durban was added to Kwazulu-stan to provide labour to factories in Durban.
  • They were also created to ease defense against hostile African tribes such as the Zulu and the Xhosa. Such tribes had staged resistances against whites for their loss of independence.
  • It was intended to promote white supremacy in south Africa
  • To blind fold Africans that they had got their independence
  • To hinder communication across different African tribes as each was in it Stan.
  • Whites wanted Africans to provide market for their out dated manufactured goods
  • It was intended to reduce pressure on Pretoria and other white cities by confining Africans to their local affairs.
  • To discourage the African political consciousness and ensure that whites dominated by preventing them from relating with whites.

  • It was also aimed at promoting substance agriculture among Africans.
  • To avoid competition for employment opportunities between Africans and whites.


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