Why were the Africans defeated in the Kaffir wars?

Why were the Africans defeated in the Kaffir wars?

  • Military weakness of Xhosa
  • The whites had superior weapons.
  • The African economy was generally weak and could not effectively finance the wars.

  • Africans had become exhausted due the long nature of the wars.
  • The white had strong financial support from home for example in 1819 a total of 50,000 pound was given to the whites.
  • The British and the Boers were determinate to take the land of the Africans at any cost.
  • Africans lacked good leadership to direct them against the blacks.
  • Lack of experience and training on the side of Africans
  • Lack of unity among the Africa because of divide and rule.
  • The brutality of whites

  • Xhosa lacked support from neighbors
  • Whites had well-trained soldier
  • The out break of diseases


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