Why was the union of South Africa not possible before 1910?

Why was the union of South Africa not possible before 1910?

  • The question of the nature of government the union was to be .The British wanted a federal system while the Boers preferred a unitary government.

  • Presence of selfish leaders such as Paul Kruger and Cecil Rhodes who were not willing to iron out their differences.
  • Poor relations between the Boers and Basuto under Moshoeshoe. George Grey tried to solve the territory conflict between the Boers and Basuto but he failed
  • The discovery of diamond at Kimberly in 1867 made the Boers to suspect that the federation was intended by the British to access diamonds.
  • The question of the location of the capital. Both the British and Boers wanted to be in theirs.
  • Lack of a common racial policy. while the British protected Africans , Boers discriminated them
  • The question of the official language in the union government was a challenge.

  • The British continued attacks on the Boer republics. For example the annexation of Transvaal in 1877 hurt the Boers.
  • Disagreements of who should be the president of the union government.
  • The rich British at the cape did not to share their wealth with the Boers.
  • The Boer pride and arrogance could not allow them to unite with the British.
  • The outbreak of the 1st Anglo –Boer war and the Jameson raid distanced them from each other.
  • It idea was not supported by the British Colonial government at the cape.

  • The Boers were still nursing the wound of the Great Trek.
  • The British parliament was not supportive. In fact it fired and replaced George Grey for pushing for the union


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