Why was Samouri Toure finally defeated by the French?

Why was Samouri Toure finally defeated by the French?

  • He and his people ran short of supplies due to limited or lack of involvement in economic activities as his army and people were constantly on the move.

  • His scorched-Earth policy was resented, especially by civilians, who remained with nothing.
  • He lacked support from the nonmandinka and nonmuslim communities in the empire, who felt mistreated under his reign and even supported the French against him.
  • He lost some of the territories he had earlier occupied, especially the rich gold reserves of Bure and the link to Freetown, which left him economically unstable, unable to pay his warriors and mercenaries.
  • The arms manufactured by his gun smiths eventually proved inadequate.
  • His second empire was open to attacks from all sides, especially by the British and French, which made it difficult to defend.

  • The British denied Samouri their support due to their policy of non-interference.
  • As he expanded his empire, Samouri clashed with other African rulers such as Tieba of Sikaso and Seku Ahmadu of the Tukolor empire, who later supported the French against him.
  • His retreat to Liberia was blocked and his capital besieged. Because of this, he surrendered to the French.
  • He was old and unable to control his large army


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