Why was Namibia able to attain her independence?

Why was Namibia able to attain her independence?

  • Formation of political parties which mobilized for independence. For example SWAPO led by Same Nujoma was formed in 1959 .SWAP also asked the U.N assist Namibia gets her independence.

  • The rising of strong leaders for example Same Nujoma
  • The role of O.A.U. the O.A.U condemned South African presence in Namibia and gave full support to liberation movements in Namibia.
  • The role of the U.N For example the international court of justice a branch of the U.N called upon South Africa to withdraw from Namibia by May 1975.
  • Pressure from frontline states such as Tanzania, Libya, Ethiopia, Egypt.
  • The cost of fighting rebels more especially SWAPO had become too expensive for South Africa.
  • Help from communist countries such as Cuba, China and USSR. it countries called upon U.N to force south Africa to grate independence to Namibia
  • The collapse of the Triumvalent favoured the independence of Namibia this meant that South Africa could not get help from either Portugal or southern Rhodesia.
  • The coming to power of President F.W De Klerk in South Africa in 1989 .he introduced liberal policies that favoured the independence of Namibia.

  • The independence of neighboring states like Mozambique and Angola in 1975, Zambia in 196, zimbambwe in 1980.Namibia got support from such countries.
  • The end of could war also paved way for the independence of Namibia. After the cold war, capitalist countries such as the USA and Britain pressurized South Africa to grant independence to Namibia.
  • The determination of Namibians to get their independence. Both nationalist and masses were determined to go all to way to achieve their independence.
  • Political unrest with in South Africa by black nationalists was too much to add that of Namibia.


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