Why did the eastern Bantu conflict among them slaves between 1800-1830s?

Why did the eastern Bantu conflict among them slaves between 1800-1830s?
  • Shaka’s aggressive policy was one of the causes. Shaka carried out attacks on the neighbours hence causing misery.

  • The increase in population exhausted the land hence the fight among the communities for land which led to Mfecane.
  • The creation of powerful kingdoms in the south Eastern South Africa led to territorial conflicts. For example the conflict between Dingiswayo and Zwide led to Mfecane.
  • The rise of military leaders such as Dingiswayo and Shaka who were aggressive led to Mfecane.
  • The death of Nandi Shaka’s Mother also led to Mfecane in the Zulu area. After the death of Nandi, Shaka order for a year of mourning.
  • Need to control trade along the Delagoa bay by the Bantu caused competition that led to Mfecane
  • The background of Shaka as un wanted child made him to fight wars as a way of proving his man hood hence the Mfecane,

  • The migration of Boers in the great trek northward caused pressure on land and led wars between the Boers and Africans hence the Mfecane.
  • The acquisition of new military weapons such as the short stubbing spears.
  • The change in warfare by building strong armies by the states in South Africa such as regiment system started by Dingiswayo.
  • The meeting between Dingiswayo and the Europeans who advised the former to build a large political unit also caused the Mfecane.
  • The character of Shaka was another cause. Shaka was a cruel man and trained his soldiers to be cruel too. For example Mzilikazi was force to migrate due to Shaka’s cruelty.

  • Desire to control fertile soils among the Bantu led to quarrels and fight hence the Mfecane
  • Cattle raids and counter raids among the bantu societies also led to the Mfecane.


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