What were the weaknesses of the A.N.C?

What were the weaknesses of the A.N.C?

  • The leaders of A.N.C were arrested by the apartheid government. For example Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela and Robert Sobukwe were arrested.

  • There was disunity among African nationalist in the A.N.C. For example the old verses the young leaders. Younger leaders such as Nelson mandela wanted the militant approach while the old such as Seme and Luthili wanted a peaceful one.
  • A.N.C lacked enough funds to run its activities
  • Military weakness was yet another problem. The A.N.C lacked arms and experienced men to fight the apartheid regime.
  • The brutal South African policy was a problem too. It killed and imprisoned the supporters of A.N.C.
  • A.N.C lacked good leadership at the grass root level to sensitize the Africans. This made it difficult to organize Africans country wide.
  • Tribalism was yet another problem in its leadership. For example the Ikotha group mainly from the Zulu tribe becomes the problem to the unity of A.N.C.

  • Suppressive laws employed by the apartheid regime.Such laws were passed to restrict the freedom association and freedom of movement.
  • The complacency of the international community was another problem of A.N.C It kept a deaf eye to the cries of A.N.C not until the Sharpeville massacre.
  • Divisions among the African states were yet another problem. While countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Libya were fighting apartheid others like Malawi supported it.
  • The poverty levels among the Africans were yet another problem. They enough funds to buy firearms and other war logistical support.

  • Illiteracy levels were very high among the Africans.
  • Power struggles within the party as some were greedy for power.
  • USA gave a lot of financial support to the racist regime


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