What were the terms of the Vereeniging treaty of 1902?

What were the terms of the Vereeniging treaty of 1902?


  • Transvaal and Orange Free State were to loss their impendence and become British colonies.
  • The Boer republics were promised self- independence in the near feature.

  • The British commissioner was to be put in Transvaal to see her national affairs.
  • The British were to withdraw their forces from Boer republics immediately and end hostilities.
  • A big amount of 3 million pounds for reconstruction of Boer states was to be paid by the British.
  • Dutch and English languages were recognized as official languages in South Africa.
  • It was agreed that Africans were not be allowed to participate in the politics of South Africa.
  • The Boers were to keep their guns for defense against Africans
  • Africans were to be disarmed by white policy under Baden Paul
  • Voting right were to removed from Africans

  • The Boer prisoners of war were to be forgiven and released.
  • The Boers were to stop discriminating of British goods
  • The British were to stop protecting Africans


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