What were the effects of the Act of the union of 1910?

What were the effects of the Act of the union of 1910?

  • The union constitution lifted the position of whites in South Africa at the expense of non whites.
  • The Africans become inferior in their own country.
  • Africans were not allowed to live out side the reserves unless working for whites.

  • Africans were pushed to reserves. This was made legal by the 1913 land Act which called for the formation of native areas.
  • Africans lost their fertile lands to whites.
  • It promoted apartheid policy in South Africa.
  • Africans become poorer economically than never before.
  • Economic co – operation among the four white states was promoted.
  • Economic development in the four white states was registered due the removal of trade restrictions.
  • The political independence of the Africans was taken a way by the union.
  • Made the British to give up on their role of protecting the Africans. The British like the Boers started discriminating Africans.
  • Led to the growth of African nationalism in a bid to regain
    their independence.
  • Led to formation of political parties by educated Africans for their independence. For example the African National Congress Was formed by Pixley Ka Izakaseme; a Zulu elite.

  • It ended the long enmity between the British and the Boers.
  • Shanty towns and slums developed in the reserves that Africans were forced to live.


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