What were the effects of German rule in Namibia?

What were the effects of German rule in Namibia?
  • Africans lost their independence.
  • Africans lost their fertile lands to the Germans
  • African cultures were disrespected by Germans.
  • German cultures were imposed on the Africans
  • African chiefs lost their powers to German rulers

  • Many African chiefs were killed by Germans for example chief Witbosi
  • Africans were pushed to the drier areas of the desert.
  • Led to the growth of African nationalism.
  • Heavy taxes were imposed on Africans
  • The collection of these was hash
  • Africans were forced to provide free or cheap labour to the Germans.
  • Africans were enslaved by the Germans.
  • Africans lost their cattle to the Germans.
  • Africans become poorer as their economy declined
  • Population increased
  • Led to development of infrastructure such as roads.

  • Africans were segregated in their own country.
  • Africans were detribalized
  • Diseases attacked Africans


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