The steps to abolish slave trade in East Africa during the Pre-colonial period

The steps to abolish slave trade in East Africa during the Pre-colonial period

  • William Wilberforce and Clarkson started the campaign against slave trade in 1772-1807, presentations from humanitarians and industrialists to the British parliament, the parliament passed a law that declared slave trade illegal.

  • In 1817, the governor Mauritius signed a treaty with the Sultan of Barghash to stop the telling of slaves to Europe.
  • In 1822, the Moresby treaty was signed between Britain and Seyyid said in which Seyyid Said was to stop the ferrying of slaves to India.
  • In 1845, Hamilton treaty was signed between Britain and Seyyid Said to stop slave trade in his coastal empire. It also stopped the slave dhows/ships from taking slaves from Oman to Brora and it also stopped the export of slaves from Zanzibar to Oman.
  • In 1871, Britain established a commission enquiry into slate trade in East Africa which commission recommended the immediate halt on slavery.

  • In 1873, Sir Bartle Frere was sent to convince the sultan of Bagasha to stop slave trade along the East Africa cost but he failed. Later John Kiki was sent to convince a sultan to stop slave trade to which he accepted after John Kiki had threatened to block the East Africa coast from using the British navy/ warships.
  • In 1876, General Mathew was given an army to stamp out slave trade on the East Africa mainland.
  • In 1877, slave trade was announced illegal in sultan’s territories.
  • In 1990, colonial rule was introduced in the interior of East Africa so as to abolish slave trade. This colonial rule took the form of legitimate trade and after 1900 navy ships was sent to patrol the East African coastline or the slave trade routes.
  • Britain also continued persuading other countries i.e. France, Spain, Portugal to stop engaging in slave trade.

  • Mission centers were established to accommodate the freed slaves in Mombasa and Bagamoyo. Also new homes were established in East Africa i.e. on Sierra Leone and Liberia.


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