The role played by African National Congress in the fight against apartheid

The role played by African National Congress in the fight against apartheid

The African National Congress come from African Native National Congress that was formed on 08th Jan 1912 at Bloemfontein by few educated Africans

In 1925 The Native National Congress (SANNC) modified its name to African National Congress (A.N.C)

The role played by African National Congress in the fight against apartheid.

  • It founded a news paper called Bantu Botha (The People) in 1912. This news paper wrote articles which helped to promote African nationalism in South Africa.
  • A.N.C members composed songs and slogans against the apartheid policy .For example ‘Nkosi Sikelela (God bless Africa). This slogan becomes an anthem for the Bantu.
  • A.N.C formed African Urban Workers’ Union to strike against mistreatment by the white racists employers for example in 1961 ,
  • The A.N.C instigated Africans to destroy the pass books in a bid to get the freedom of movement.

  • It won the support and help of O.A.U in the against apartheid in South Africa.
  • The youth league for A.N.C formed in 1944 encouraged the young people to carry out strikes and violent demonstrations.
  • A.N.C concerted (joined) with P.A.C and organized the defiance campaign in 1952, about 8000 Africans, coloureds and Asians .participated. This help to promote unity against apartheid.
  • It influenced different rebellions against apartheid.
  • 1955, the A.N.C issued a freedom charter that called for racial equality in south Africa
  • A.N.C formed Umkota We Sizwe (spear of the nation) as the military wing to carry its violent riots against apartheid regime.

  • A.N.C organized the anti pass campaign of 1960.This led to the killing of the 67 un armed children ,women and men .This won international and national anti apartheid support
  • The A.N.C members in exile formed the United Freedom Front (UFF) in London which continued sending support to the freedom fighters in South Africa.
  • Steve Biko a member of A.N.C organized the Soweto uprising of 1976 demanding for the rights of Africans.
  • It organized scholarships for its youth to study abroad and in some African countries which cooperated against apartheid. For example Uganda ,Mozambique Tanzania ,Nigeria Libya
  • It called for international support from U.N.O which criticized the policies of the apartheid regime. In fact it convinced U.NO to fight apartheid


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