The relationship between Utilanders and Paul Kruger

The relationship between Utilanders and Paul Kruger

  • Kruger as the president of wanted the Utilanders to use Afrikaans (Boer language) rather than English.
  • The relationship was hostile and characterized by conflicts.

  • Paul Kruger denied the Utilanders the right to vote and to be voted. This annoyed the Utilanders.
  • The Utilanders were given ‘bad’ jobs and were poorly paid.
  • The Utilanders’ children were to attend the Dutch schools where Afrikaans was a medium of instruction.
  • The Utilanders were over taxed by the government of Paul Kruger.
  • The Utilanders were always scheming to overthrow the government of Paul Kruger.
  • Paul Kruger segregated Utilanders companies when awarding big contracts.
  • In judiciary, the Utilanders were not allowed trial by jury.
  • The British openly sympathized with the Utilanders and set troops to Transvaal in the Jameson raid to help them
  • Paul Kruger was annoyed with the increasing number of Utilanders.

  • Paul Kruger looked at Utilanders as the agents of the British federation scheme.
  • Utilanders in Transvaal wanted to overthrow Kruger.


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