The main industrial towns in the Ruhr region

The main industrial towns in the Ruhr region

  • Barmen and Elberfeld (Modern Wuppertal). Main centres for textile industries (centers of cotton, wool, and silk manufacture, bleaching, and dyeing).
  • Bochum. Main producer of Coking coal thus mainly has steel industry.

The main industrial towns in the Ruhr region
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  • Dinslaken. A glue factory, a fuel ignition device factory, a rolling mill, and a liquor distillery, several steel-making and metal-using factories are located here.
  • Dortmund. The leading industrial city in the iron industry. The Dortmund-Ems canal completed at the end of the nineteenth century greatly facilitated the import of overseas ore soon after exhaustion.
  • Duisburg. The rise of sugar refineries, tobacco plants, and cotton manufacturing is attributed to the city’s geographic advantage. Iron smelting and machine construction now occupied a significant part of the Duisburg industry.
  • Düsseldorf. One of the most important steel-making and steel-finishing works centers. It had cotton spinning, weaving, calico printing, yarn-spinning, dyeing, and other various industries.
  • Essen. Had large iron and coal fields. Krupp’s company was also vital to the city’s development.
  • Gelsenkirchen. Coal production was the largest concern in Gelsenkirchen.

  • Hagen. Possesses huge iron and steel works, large cotton print works, and woolen and cotton factories manufacturers of leather, paper, tobacco, breweries, and distilleries.
  • Krefeld. Concerned with silk and dyeing. Chemical factory. A liquor distillery and steel production.


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