The growth and development of the Buganda kingdom by the 19th Century

The growth and development of the Buganda kingdom by the 19th Century

  • Buganda sprang after the collapse of the Chwezi Empire around the 16th Century it started as a small state made up of only Kyadondo, Busiro and Mawokota counties.

  • The systematic expansion began with Kabaka Kateregga around the 19th Century. He extended boundaries of the kingdom to Gomba, Butambala, Singo, Kyaggwe, etc.
  • Around 1750, many immigrants arrived from Bunyoro, Mt. Elgon areas and the Ssese Island areas especially the Bavuma who increased the Buganda’s population.
  • Between 1780 and 1789, Kabaka Jjunju fought a war against Bunyoro and managed to conquer the province of Buddu.
  • Al l local clans were forced to join Buganda and also managed to bring Kooki under Buganda’s control.
  • Between 1814 and 1831, Kabaka Ssekamanya continued to expand Buganda and conquered Buwekula and Bwera which were added to Buganda.
  • Between 1831-1851 Kabaka Suuna attacked Bunyoro and crashed/defeated it thus bringing some clans under his control.

  • In the 18th Century, Kabaka Mawanda tried to conquer Busoga but his efforts were unsuccessful. It was not until Kabaka Kyabaggu’s rule that Busoga was finally conquered.
  • Around the 19th Century, Mawogola, Buruli, Bulemezi and Bugerere were annexed /conquered to Buganda at the Expense of Bunyoro’s decline in power.
  • As a result of the coming of the British, Muteesa I of Buganda managed to get military assistance in form of guns from them, dis-support enabled Buganda almost all her neighbour.
  • The 1900 Buganda Agreement gave Buganda the two last countries of Bugangayizi and Buyaga which increased Buganda’s territorial expansion from 10to12 countries.

  • By the 19th Century Buganda was at the peak of its greatness it stretched from Lake Albert from the West, River Nile in of East and boarded Buhaya states in northern Tanzania.


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