The future of international trade in Kenya

The future of international trade in Kenya

The future of Kenya’s international trade is promising. This is because of the following;

  • Kenya exploring new markets in the Far East countries to avoid over reliance on the European market. (This is likely to increase the quantity of Kenya’s exports.)
  • Kenya has signed trade agreements with various countries in Africa and in America which will help improve trade.
  • The government is making efforts to take advantage of the conditions set by USA in the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), whereby various countries have been allocated quotas to export textiles to the USA.
  • Kenya’s trade with African countries is likely to improve through the membership in trade such as COMESA and EAC.
  • Some Kenya entrepreneurs are setting up branches of their industries in the neighbouring countries in order to expand trading activities.
  • Kenya is undertaking partial processing of some of the agricultural products before export in order to add value to increase earnings.
  • Implementation of vision 2030 will lead to increased production hence increased trade.
  • Kenya is diversifying and adding value to her export products through the export processing zone to attract a wider market for her goods.
  • Kenya should be aggressively advertising her products to attract more buyers.
  • Kenya should improve her international transport and communication links for efficient transactions.
  • The county has improved infrastructure connecting neighbor counties.
  • Members of East African community have a common customs union.
  • The government has made efforts to reduce the cost of production of Kenyan goods so as they compete favorably in the regional market.
  • Some Kenyan entrepreneurs have set up branches of their industries in neighboring countries eg Bidco Oil Company.


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