Significance of iron and steel industry in Ruhr region

Significance of iron and steel industry in the Ruhr region

  • Improvement of the transport network. The need to transport raw materials and finished products related to the iron and steel industry has led to improved transport networks. Land and waterways Have been built in the region.
Significance of iron and steel industry in the Ruhr region
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  • Growth and expansion of towns. Many towns have sprung up in Ruhr as a result of the iron and steel industries. For example, Essen, Dortmund and Duisburg.
  • Job opportunities. Many people have been employed in iron and steel industry as loaders, drivers, clerks and operators.
  • Promotion of agriculture. The need to feed the huge population in the industrial towns has promoted agricultural activities.
  • Provision of social amenities. Health centres, schools, housing and recreational facilities have been set up to cater for workers in the industrial towns


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