Relationship between national and county government in Kenya

Relationship between national and county government in Kenya

  • Governments at either level must exercise their powers and functions in a manner that respects the functional and institutional integrity of government at the other level.

Relationship between national and county government in Kenya
  • Each of the two governments must assist, support, consult and implement the legislation of the other level of government.
  • Either of the two governments must liaise with government at the other level for the purpose of exchanging information, coordinating policies and administration and enhancing capacity.
  • Governments at each level or different level should co-operate in the performance of functions and exercise of powers.
  • In any dispute between governments, reasonable efforts to settle dispute should be made.
  • County governments rely on Procedures provided under national legislation in settling intergovernmental disputes between them.
  • Parliament at national level has the role of ensuring that county governments have adequate support to enable them to perform their functions.

  • County governments must operate financial management systems that comply with any requirements prescribed by national legislation.
  • National government is permitted to take any measure on county government provided that Notice must be given to county government.
  • Where a county government is unable to perform its functions, or does not operate a financial management system that complies with national legislation requirements, the national government may intervene.


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