Problems facing tourism in Kenya

Problems facing tourism in Kenya
  • Insecurity in parks. Some tourists are attacked and their property stolen from them. This scares the tourists who fear to visit again.

  • Terrorist attacks. Our country has in the recent past been a victim of terror attack where hundreds of people have been killed and property destroyed. E.g, the recent Westgate Mall Attack in Nairobi and the Mpeketoni killings has made some countries to issue travel advisories to its citizens.
  • Civil strife in the region. The civil wars that have been fought in neighboring countries like Somalia, Uganda and Rwanda impacts negatively on the tourism sector in Kenya. Most of the would be tourists do not know the difference between the countries of Africa.
  • High travel costs. Airfares are increasingly becoming unaffordable to many people. This forces tourists to use charter planes and travel in groups which restrict those who would want to stay in the country for longer.
  • Pollution in parks. There is an increase in pollution in the tourist sites as tourists litter the sites with cans, bottles and plastic papers rendering the sites ugly, dirty and unsafe to visit.
  • High tariffs. The high taxes charged on tourists discourage many from coming to our country. Visa charges and airport taxes in Kenya are said to be among the highest in Africa.
  • The attitude of Kenyans. Most Kenyans believe that tourism belongs to international travelers and therefore keep way from tourist sites. Also domestic tourists are discriminated upon in hotels in favour of foreigners.


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