Problems facing Tea production in Papua New Guinea

Problems facing Tea production in Papua New Guinea
  • Competition with unwanted weeds for plant nutrients leading to poor quality produce.
  • Pests e.g. aphids which destroy the crop leaves leading to losses.
  • Diseases e.g. root fungus disease which leads to poor quality output.
  • Inadequate capital yet expensive machinery is used in tea processing.
  • Scarcity of labour to do the plucking during the harvesting period.
  • Competition with other countries producing cigarettes e.g. Marlboro and Rex from USA.

  • Limited land for tea plantations due to ever increasing population.
  • Soil exhaustion due to monoculture leading to low and poor quality yields.
  • Unstable prices leading to price fluctuation on the world market which demoralizes the farmers.
  • Natural hazards e.g. hailstorms which destroy large parts of plantations leading to low output.
Problems facing Tea production in Kenya
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  • Dangerous animals e.g. snakes, which attack the workers hence scaring them away.
  • Inadequate storage facilities which leads to losses due to rotting and destruction by pests.
  • Transport problems in some areas due to dilapidated roads which cause spoilage of harvested tea before it reaches the factory.

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