Problems experienced by fishermen while fishing in Lake Victoria

Problems experienced by fishermen while fishing in Lake Victoria

  • The occurrence of strong winds leads to high waves causing accidental drowning/destruction of fishing vessels and nets.

  • Most fishermen have poor fishing equipment/motor boats engines which are ineffective. This leads to low catch delayed landing
Problems experienced by fishermen while fishing in Lake Victoria
  • Fishermen lack appropriate storage/preservation facilities which causes heavy losses of the catch/low catch.
  • Presence of floating vegetation/water hyacinth which entangle and tear the fishing nets which is a loss to the fishermen
  • Parts of the lake shores are swampy/marshy which makes the landing of the catch difficult.
  • Insecurity/theft of fish and fishing equipment discourages the fishermen.

  • Inadequate fishing equipment and technology: Many fishermen in Lake Victoria lack access to modern fishing equipment and technologies. Outdated or insufficient gear limits their ability to efficiently catch fish and negatively impacts their income. The lack of appropriate equipment also increases the likelihood of bycatch, where non-targeted species are unintentionally caught.
  • Safety hazards and accidents: Fishing in Lake Victoria can be dangerous due to unpredictable weather conditions, strong winds, and rough waters. Fishermen often face risks such as capsizing of boats, drowning, and accidents while hauling or handling fishing gear. Insufficient safety measures and limited access to proper safety equipment further exacerbate these risks
  • Pollution and environmental degradation: Lake Victoria suffers from pollution caused by agricultural runoff, industrial waste, and untreated sewage. Pollution not only affects the water quality but also impacts fish populations and their habitats. The degradation of aquatic ecosystems reduces fish productivity and poses a threat to the sustainability of fishing activities.

  • Inadequate market access and low prices: Fishermen in Lake Victoria often face challenges in accessing reliable markets for their catch. Limited infrastructure, including cold storage facilities and transportation networks, hampers the efficient distribution and sale of fish. Additionally, low prices for fish due to market fluctuations and middlemen reduce the income of fishermen.


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