Land use refers to different ways in which land is put to use by man.

For Agriculture to be carried out successfully, land as a factor of production has to be acquired.

Land can be put into different uses by man in the following ways:

  1. Agriculture:
    Here land is used for growing crops and rearing of animals e.g. – subsistence farming, arable
    farming, Ranching, e.t.c
  2. Wild life conservation:
    Several places have been set aside to preserve wild life e.g. National Parks, Game reserves, Sanctuary /wild life.
  3. Forestry:
    Man has planted trees in different areas as a way of conserving environment, income, time, fire wood and Charcoa

  • Recreation: Places have been set aside where people go for entertainment or relax during leisure time.
    These places include; Theatres, Museums, Stadiums, Beaches, Botanical gardens, Hotels, e.t.c
  • Mining and Quarrying:
    Minerals have been mined in Uganda while others have been identified in different areas e.g. Petroleum in Hoima, Cobalt-Kilembe, Limestone–Tororo, Kilembe–Copper.
  • Construction of settlements:
    The commercial centers both Urban and rural schools, hospitals, Churches, e.t.c are constructed on land.
  • Fisheries:
    Fishing is carried out on lakes/rivers e.g. Lake Victoria, Kyoga, Albert, River Nile While artificial fish ponds have also been made.
  • Industrialization:
    Many industries have been set up on land examples:

  • Transport and communication:
    Land has been for making Roads, Railways, landing sites to ensure quick delivery of Agricultural inputs to market centers.
    Air strips have been made also to ensure efficient air transport systems


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