Positive and negative effects of conurbations

Positive effects or advantages of the conurbation

  • Offer market to both agricultural and industrial products due to high population and incomes.
  • To promote better social services to the people living in the area.
  • The reduced population pressure in the rural areas as many people migrates to the urban centers.
  • Provision of employment opportunities to a great number of people both skilled and nonskilled because of many economic activities in the area.
  • Provision of security since they tend to be more secure compared to the countryside.

  • Conurbations promote innovations and inventions through stiff competition for resources and other facilities.
  • Promotes industrialization because of the provision of the market, labor, and other locational advantages.
  • Promotes unity and cooperation among the people.
  • It widens the tax base of the municipal or town authorities as well as the government.
  • There is maximum utilization of resources for example land is optimally used.
  • It is an index of development as it shows a higher level of urban development as towns merge with others.

  • Promotes tourism development as many people flock to such urban centers for various attractions they are in, that is high-rise buildings or skyscrapers, amusement parks, public parks, and the fact that urban dwellers have higher disposable incomes allowing them to engage in luxuries like tourism.


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