Measures taken to conserve fresh water and marine fisheries

Measures taken to conserve fresh water and marine fisheries
  • Licensing of fishermen by the government through the department of fisheries helps to regulate the number of fishermen and hence control their activities.
  • Outlawing of poor fishing methods that may result in the depletion of fish from the fishing ground for example the use of trawlers in freshwater lakes has been banned.
  • Introduction of fast breeding and maturing species of fish in some freshwater lakes e.g the Nile Perch was introduced into Lake Victoria.
  • Provisions of the necessary infrastructure e.g. transport routes, enable exploitation of fishing grounds located in remote areas. This reduces the overexploitation of the few accessible fishing grounds such as Lake Victoria.
  • Promotion of Fish farming; the development of fish farms compliment the fish being caught from the natural waters
  • Restocking the overfished grounds; is done by restocking with fingerlings from the hatcheries or obtaining them from the overpopulated fishing grounds
  • Protection from pollution through restrictions placed on disposal of waste into waters
  • Forbidding indiscriminate fishing by introducing standardized nets/ Banning of fishing in the event that overfishing is detected in a given fishing ground
  • Management of exclusive economic zones through legislation to protect marine fisheries from external exploitation. International agreement on territorial waters; zones of jurisdiction have been established in the countries of the sea that have full sovereignty over territorial waters extending for 19 KM from the coast
  • Research is carried out on both fresh water and marine species to expand and improve fisheries and to sustain the industry
  • Institutions have been set up to train personnel to manage fisheries.


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