Importance of Copper mining in Zambia

Importance of Copper mining in Zambia
  • A lot of government revenue by taxing mining companies and workers.
  • A lot of foreign exchange by exporting copper to USA, and Germany.

  • Job creation to many people of Zambia and immigrants from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC and Tanzania
  • Income earned by the miners leading to improved standards of living
  • Infrastructure development especially the Zambian railway linking Ndola to Dar-se-salaam, Maputo, Lobito, etc
  • Urbanization in the mining regions like Kitwe, Ndola, Nkana, Kafu, Bwana-mkubwa, etc
  • Promotion of industrialization in the region like copper refineries and smelting factories.
  • Provided ground for academic research and study relating to mining

  • • Promotion of international trade and relations with other countries that import Zambia’s copper e.g. USA.


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