It accepted the harsh and unpopular Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919. Right from the start, the Germans blamed the Weimar Republic for having accepted a harsh treaty whose terms had greatly affected or humiliated Germany. This therefore undermined the popularity of the Weimar Republic and eventually contributed to its collapse by 1933.

It failed to stop civil strife and political unrest in Germany. During the reign of the Weimar Republic, Germany was characterized by political instability which resulted into the breakdown of law and order in the country. For example, there was the 1919 Berlin strike by the communists, the 1920 revolt of the Free Corps (war veterans) in Berlin as well as the 1923 attempted coup by Adolf Hitler. Similarly, Germany was characterized by political assassinations and violence carried out by the Storm Troopers (a Nazi terrorist squad or group organized by Adolf Hitler’s supporters). This unrest undermined the popularity of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

It failed to defend Germany against foreign invasion. For example, in 1923, the French and Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr industrial region of Germany in the Ruhr Valley to ensure that the war reparations were paid in goods such as coal from the Ruhr and other industrialized zones of Germany. This affected the Germany economy, thus increasing inflation in the country.

It failed to address or solve economic hardships in Germany. Immediately after World War I, Germany like many other European countries witnessed economic hardships like widespread unemployment and income inequalities due to the destruction of industries and factories. These economic problems led to social – economic instability in Germany in form of industrial unrest or strikes and demonstrations as the masses wanted to overthrow the Weimar Republic which they blamed for their suffering. This increased the unpopularity of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

It promoted the Jewish and American culture (foreign culture) in Germany which left many Germans bitter. This was done by encouraging Jewish and American Artistes and musicians in the German theatres which increased the unpopularity of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

It failed to contain the communist forces in Germany. Following the success of the 1917 Russian revolution and the subsequent establishment of communism in Russia, the communist ideology started spreading to the Western European countries, including Germany. Consequently, the communists opposed the Weimar Republic for not establishing a government like that of the Soviet Union (Russia) that had been established after the 1917 Russian revolution. They therefore organized strikes against the Weimar Republic which increased violence in Germany.

It failed to control the Great Economic Depression and its effects. Between 1929 and 1935, Germany, like many other European nations, was experiencing a devastating economic down turn, known as the Great Economic Depression. This depression created serious economic hardships in the country. For example, banks and factories collapsed which increased unemployment and poverty in Germany. The Weimar Republic was unable to solve these problems which increased its unpopularity and eventually led to its collapse by 1933.

The Weimar Republic failed to revive the German glory and military strength in Europe which had been reduced by the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919. As a result, the Weimar Republic was characterized by military weakness throughout its lifetime which made it unpopular among the German nationalists and glory seekers.

The Weimar Republic also failed to liberate the Germans in the occupied territories or foreign countries like Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland and this also increased its unpopularity in Germany.


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