Factors influencing tourism in Kenya

10 Factors influencing tourism in Kenya

  • The government through the ministry of tourism and information make vigorous publicity campaigns to create awareness on the tourist attractions in Kenya to popularize Kenya as a tourist destination.

  • Arrangements of group bookings (Packaged tours) are made in the tourist source countries to make travel and accommodation cheaper for the tourists.
  • High caliber personnel are trained at Kenya Utalii College for the tourist hotels that assist in providing excellent services in the tourist industry.
10 Factors influencing tourism in Kenya
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  • Compared to neighbouring countries that experience frequent civil strife, our country has been enjoying relative peace and political stability which encourage tourism.
  • The Threat of terrorism At times makes source nations for tourists to kenya issue travel advisories due to insecurity.
  • Presence of numerous tourist hotels in towns and game lodges in game parks in different parts of the country that offer excellent facilities to the tourists.
  • The success of Measures to conserve wildlife like the banning of poaching and setting up of game parks has earned Kenya international recognition and promoted the country as a tourist destination.

  • The promotion of local tourism has increased the number of visitors to various tourist attractions such as museums, wildlife sanctuaries and game parks.
  • Participation of the governmmet in the promotion of tourism in collaboration with the private sector has contributed to the flourishing of the industry. For example the setting up of the Kenya Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) in 1965 to finance tourist related enterprises.
  • The people of Kenya are friendly to visitors and even assist tourists by showing them the routes and direction to areas of interest. The tourists feel welcome and happy to be in Kenya.
  • There are good roads leading to the tourist sites which enable the tourists to visit the attraction sites with relative ease.


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