Factors for the collapse of the Zulu state

Factors for the collapse of the Zulu state

  • The death of Shaka. Shaka had established the state by his person efforts and it could hardly survive without him.
  • Succession disputes within the kingdom.For example, the sons of Mpande .i.e. Cetewayo and Mbulazi kept on fighting.

  • The preaching of missionaries divided the state hence its collapse.
  • Lack of strong leaders after Shaka. For example, Mpande was weak and feared the British and become their puppet.
  • The empire had become too big to be governed effectively.
  • External attacks from neighboring states such as the Ndebele and the Tlokwa led to the collapse of the Zulu state
  • The discovery of minerals especially after 1860s encouraged the British to take over Zulu land.
  • The Mfecane weakened the Zulu state and hence caused its collapse.
  • The European intrusion gave the Zulu a final blow
  • Natural calamities such as famine and drought also caused the decline of the Zulu state.

  • Epidemic diseases such as rinder pest for animals and fever for human beings.


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