Describe the course of Bambatha rebellion of 1906?

Describe the course of Bambatha rebellion of 1906?

  • Bambatha rebellion was led by chief Bambatha who had been dismissed by the British
  • The rebellion began at the beginning of 1906 when the magistrates trying to collect poll tax met angry Africans

  • Two police men were shot dead by a group of armed men believed to be Africans. This made the situation so bad that the Martial law was declared on 9th Feb. 1906
  • On 15th fFeb. the Africans who had shot the two police men were arrested and shot to death by the Natal government.
  • The people become unruly and started burning European farms, destroying property and killing of cattle.
  • On 3rd April 1906, Bambatha a chief who had been deposed by the Natal government, captured, Magwababa who had been appointed by the government in is position as a new chief.
  • On 4th April Bambatha fired on the magistrate who had come to see what had happened to Magwababa.
  • On 5thApril Bambatha fought the police recue force that had been sent to arrest him and managed to kill 3 of its members.

  • Accompanied by the his people; the Zondi and the Caki people ,Bambatha entered Nkandla mountains
  • Bambatha was joined by the Singanda people and his Cube tribe in the Nkandla Mountains to fight the British.
  • The British immediately sent Col McKenzie into the Nkandla Mountains to arrest the rebels of Bambatha.
  • On 10th June, Bambatha and most of his supporters were killed at the battle of Momegorge.


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