The following are the main characteristics of a permissive society;

  • There are increased sexual immoralities like fornication (pre-marital) adultery (extra – marital sex), prostitution and homosexuality.

  • Corruption and embezzlement of government funds is a common habit in this of society. It is unfortunate that due to the weak laws, many people have not been funded.
  • Favoritism and nepotism are also common because the laws may not deny one from favoring his/her family members or tribal members.
  • Un-employment is a core characteristic because some people neglect some jobs while others do not go to school to attain good education for future white collar jobs.
  • Development of slum is common because where people cannot live the high costs of living in towns.

  • Poor hygiene is also associated with society where people do not respect the laws. This is because such people especially the youth do not want to do hard labor.


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