• Many farmers have got employment which has helped them utilize inborn abilities
  • A lot of foreign exchange is gained by the government through export of livestock products
  • Learning of new animal husbandry techniques like paddocking, artificial insemination, etc
  • Government earns a lot of revenue by taxing ranchers and imposing export duties
  • Farmers have acquired a lot of income through the sale of livestock products improving their standards of living

  • A variety of infrastructure has been set up like roads, slaughter houses, cattle dips, etc improving on the livestock industry
  • Desert land has been put to proper economic use through ranching
  • The practice has helped to diversify the economy from subsistence crop cultivation to commercial ranching
  • Promotion of industrialization especially related to livestock products like beef, milk, skins and hides, cheese, etc
  • It has enhanced the handcraft industry by putting to use the horns, skins and hides, hooves, bones for decoration
  • Promotion of international trade and relations between Botswana and other countries
  • Provision of food stuffs to the general public in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc
  • Animal waste is used for making fertilizers that are used to improve on soil fertility thus supporting agriculture in the long run
  • It has enhanced urbanization in the ranching areas dealing in livestock products like Kanye, Francistown, etc


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