Benefits from the Delta Plan Project in the Netherlands

Benefits from the Delta Plan Project in the Netherlands

The project was initiated in 1953 after the February 1st 1953 disaster where floods killed about 1800 people and destroyed 152,000 ha of rich agricultural land.

This was a project to reclaim the south west of Holland which has deep broad estuaries reaching farther inland.

The Delta plan was aimed at providing closure by means of massive dams of four broad , deep –sea inlets through Haring Vliet, Bronwershavensche Gent, Gawtern Scheldt and Veersche Gat.

Benefits from the Delta Plan Project.

  • Control of salination and pollution of inland fresh water by controlling the movement of salt sea water.
  • The islands to the South West were no longer isolated since infrastructural facilities were put in place.
  • The provision of fresh water for domestic and industrial use.

  • The area has attracted many industries and has become a major destination of tourists.
  • Control of flooding and tidal destruction in the South West region.
  • Dams and dykes have completely checked frequency of flooding and tidal destruction.


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